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About Our Team 

Raymond Gregson

This journey of my life started in December 2016 when I decided there was no other alternative for me than to make a substantial change in my life and mindset. Failing was not an option!

I have struggled with addiction, depression, anxiety and PTSD. My daughters and son have had behavior struggles and experienced physical and sexual abuse, suicidal ideation.

We successfully navigated a C.P.S case and used many community resources, supports, and systems in our efforts to rebuild our lives and relationships with each other. “Unlocking Your Potential.” was one of the tools that was presented to me. I took this class at 50 years of age and it helped to transform my life and mindset.

After an enormous amount of work and struggles, I eventually came to work for and with many of the support systems that helped to assist our family.

I have numerous certificates, several working credentials. I am an instructor and facilitator for “Unlocking Your Potential.” through Legacy Business Cultures, certified peer counselor, basic mediation training, trauma informed approach, substance use disorder, family navigator. Through my lived experiences it is my desire to help empower families, give hope so that others may succeed in their journeys. I will be overjoyed to connect with you and bring this education to your group.

Janine Chappell

My heritage is Alaskan Native. I am a member of the Sun'aq Tribe of Kodiak, Alaska. I was born into a loving family and, while growing up, that large family provided a great support system which was extremely valuable while I was a single mother in the Army. And then, afterwards when I was navigating back into civilian life.

I am a proud mother of two beautiful girls and the grandmother of one adorable granddaughter. I am also a disabled, combat veteran who served in Iraq. I struggle with PTSD, depression, and with recovering from abusive relationships. Until recently, my youngest daughter wrestled with suicidal ideation. And one of the modules in “Unlocking Your Potential”, education is geared towards this. I have gained insight from and received valuable tools which help me to communicate with her.

Although my journey is/was different than Ray’s I see the value in “Unlocking Your Potential”, curriculum. I recognize how useful it is and have experienced the benefits it can bring to our youth, to veterans and to others. Each of our lives, our journeys, and our paths are different. However, with the “Unlocking Your Potential" curriculum, we find our common ground to lift each other up and to find the avenues to build positivity and to promote success within our families!

I am excited to be a part of this journey to forge forward on a new avenue and to contribute in bringing this important education to everyone from all walks of life. I look forward to communicating with you and in assisting Ray in presenting and sharing these valuable tools to you!

Warm regards-
Janine Chappell

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