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About Growing Your Mindset, G.Y.M

In April of 2022 after much perseverance G.Y.M was created. We are continuing to grow and branch out. It is our desire to assist families and individuals who are struggling or needing to connect with helpful community resources. We reach out to find avenues of support, from needing drug and alcohol rehab to education support and preventative measures through our education curriculum “Unlocking Your Potential.”

This curriculum was established in 1973 By Bob Moawad. He traveled the world sharing this powerful education curriculum with a wide range of people of all ages. Most adults who attended his classes affirmed “If only I would have had this when I was a teenager.” It is our Honor to present these teaching modules and awesome mindset skills to every one!
We serve local communities. “Unlocking Your Potential.” is ideal for establishing parenting classes in your area, nonprofits in need of an education curriculum, and programs for drug and alcohol prevention. For high school or college settings to aid in building student leadership skills and preventative measures. Our vision is to help cultivate a positive mindset and growth for all. We firmly believe that through our education “Unlocking Your Potential,” this can be achieved. It is our honor to present this powerful curriculum and to aid in and establishing essential life skills to every one!

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